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Trenchless Replacement

Trenchless Replacement in San Jose

Efficient Repairs for Ageing or Burst Pipes

Bursts and leaking pipes are an unfortunate reality for numerous homeowners every year. Not only can these issues lead to hundreds of gallons of wasted water, and the associated cost on your monthly utility bills, but leaks and floods can threaten the integrity of your structure and cause expensive damage to your walls, floors, ceiling, and personal possessions.

Fortunately, R.P.S Ribbs Premier Services can help. We’re committed to solving your problem as quickly and efficiently as possible using modern trenchless replacement technology. Contact us today!

How Does Trenchless Pipe Replacement Work? 

With trenchless replacement technology, there is no need to dig up your yardwork or pavement to replace a burst or leaking pipe. Instead, we’ll dig holes at the beginning and end of the line to insert a cable and wedge that will burst the existing pipe as it is pulled from one end to the other. Simultaneously, a new polyethylene pipe is pulled into place in the underground channel that they old pipe has left behind. We then connect this new pipe to your existing system.

The benefits of trenchless replacements include:

  • More cost effective
  • Less mess and disruption
  • More time efficient
  • A safer alternative to open trenches

What Causes a Burst or Leaking Pipe?

There are two main reasons water pipes burst or leak: excessive water pressure and age.

Water pressure is a “silent killer” when it comes to your plumbing system: you may not even realize it’s what’s causing your problems. However, excessive pressure is bad for plumbing fixtures and seals, and can slowly cause your water lines to fail. The best way to prevent this is with a water pressure regulator installed on your main water line. These devices, however, can also wear out and fail with age, meaning they need to be checked periodically.

Older pipes have also received their fair share of normal wear and tear over the years. Shifting ground, whether from tremors or temperature changes; tree root intrusion; aging materials; and a number of other strains on your plumbing system puts pressure on aging water and sewer lines. Eventually, the pressure becomes too great and the line fails, creating a crack that will quickly begin to flood when water flows through the pipe.

What Should You Do if You Have a Burst Pipe?

If you have a burst pipe, the first thing you should do is shut off your water. You should know where your water shutoff valve is located (usually either in your garage, in a closet located near the front of your home, or in the same location as your water meter). Once you have shut off your water, call the R.P.S team for urgent service. If you are a home protection plan member, you can count on priority service, but we also offer same-day appointments to all our customers. 

What Should You Do if Your Pipes Are Leaking? 

Leaks can be more subtle than a burst pipe, but the process remains the same. Turn off your water supply and call our team as soon as you notice unexplained puddles, a higher-than-average water bill, or a drop in your water pressure. It is important that we act fast to save you money. We can use our trenchless replacement technology to efficiently fix leaks and restore your plumbing system. 

Protect Your Pipes

Here are a few things you can do to prevent a burst pipe or serious leak:

  • Insulate exposed pipes: Piping insulation is available from nearly any home improvement warehouse or hardware store. Wrap exposed plumbing lines in this insulation and use a firm, weather-resistant form of tape to secure it in place. Make sure all corners are covered and use a fixture cover to insulate any exposed spigots or outdoor taps. Don’t forget to cover any swimming pool water lines.
  • Protect your drain lines in basements and crawlspaces: These areas are often forgotten but usually contain major water lines. Insulate these lines and try to keep them warmer than the conditions outside.
  • Schedule annual plumbing maintenance: Having a professional inspect your pipes can help you detect smaller issues before your pipe has the chance to burst or leak. During these maintenance checkups, our team can look for leaks, check for the signs of pipe damage, and diagnose the health of your entire system. 
  • Keep an eye out for the signs of a leaking or burst pipe: Look for unexplained wet spots on floors or visible water damage on walls. Keep an ear open for sounds of dripping water in places it shouldn’t be. Finally, call for an inspection if your water bill is unnecessarily high.

If you suspect a leak or are experiencing a burst pipe? Call the San Jose trenchless replacement specialists at R.P.S Ribbs Premier Services at (408) 539-7503 right away!

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